Modular Wardrobes

Wardrobe is an integral part of the bedroom furniture which add beauty to the bedroom and provides organized storage for dressing and related accessories. We at NIRMAL LIFESTYLE CONCEPTS  provides a factory fitted wardrobes which could be easily assembled at the site in a few minutes without making any carpentry noise, dust and  pollution too. 


Closets, more than any other space in the house, work best if you know in advance precisely how you're going to use them. For example, if you bunch socks, they'll need more space than if you roll them. Ditto for shirts: Do you stack them neatly or hang them up? Think about what you wear and how you like to get dressed, and design the space to serve you: most-used items up around eye level, less-used below, and least-used high above. Most closets have too much hanging storage and far too little shelf or drawer storage. 

Being able to actually see all your socks, ties, and accessories... gives you real choices when you get dressed. Take advantage of the many accessories available, such as see-through wire bins, acrylic- or glass-fronted drawers, drawers with dividers, and belt and tie racks, to keep items organized. Shelves (and drawers that are part of shop-fabricated cabinets) should be adjustable and movable from place to place within the closet for maximum versatility. 

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