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Built in Hob & Cooktop - An ideal solution that caters to the Unique styles of indian cooking...


Nagold's J series range of hobs defines coherence and brightness and simply fits in and synchronizes with the theme and decor of your kitchen. The hobs are suitable for unique flavours, tastes of Indian cuisine with Indian brass burners i.e. supernova burners coated black in color. 


Supernova Burners - Smart, powerful and efficient supernova burners suitable for a fast and efficient cooking requirement. The targeted inner flame ( 0.3-5kw) of supernova burners delivers heat with high effectiveness and accuracy exactly where it is needed- in the middle of the pot bottom.The flame concetration at the middle gives the user the freedom to choose round or flat bottom pans i.e. these burners engineered to provide the most favourable flame for Indian cooking style.


Designer pan supports - It has got better stability suit to designer pans supports and durability. The new design of pan supports improve the stability and enhance the apperance of the new range of designer hobs. They are made of a material makes them durable and resistance even to the hinghest temparatures.


Control Knobs - High quality soft touch knobs with high heat resistance and durability. Premium soft touch knobs have a special coating that is soft to touch and will not get heated faster.


Electronic Ignition - Nagold hobs feature automatic ignition for one touch control. Integrated into the knobs, electronic ignition is achieved via  the control  dials-simply push and turn, no need to press separately ignition buttons.


Flame Failure Safety Device - We care for your safety. Avoid fire accidents due to leakage of the gas with the Flame Failure Safety device. When the flame accidently goes off, the gas supply to that burner will cut off automatically.


The same hob could be used as a hob and cooktop both way without even doing cutout to the counter top.

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